GTA 5 Fans Notice Baffling Detail About Rockstar’s Version of the United States

Barber shop has the details.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V have noticed a very strange detail about Rockstar Games‘ version of the United States. Rockstar’s most prominent titles, namely Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, take place in fictionalized versions of the United States. Some games like LA Noire and Midnight Club take place in real cities, but the developer has parodied real American cities/states to create a satirical story that pokes fun at the country’s culture and problems. Liberty City is New York City, San Andreas is California, and Vice City is somewhere in Florida, but it turns out Florida may not exist in a geographical sense in Rockstar’s world.

Image Credit: GTA V

Reddit user Yoni1857/ found a map of the United States in one of Grand Theft Auto V‘s barbershop, but it’s missing something: the state of Florida. Despite Vice City being a fictional city, the state of Florida does exist within Grand Theft Auto. For it to be missing from the map is certainly strange. Is it an intentional detail that has been left to indicate Rockstar will be going there next? It’s hard to tell, even though many suspect Vice City will be the setting for Grand Theft Auto VI. It could also just be a strange oversight. Yoni1857 also theorized Florida could be under water due to global warming thanks to hyper commercialism.

Rockstar’s worlds are known for being disconnected from larger land masses, likely so players can’t go out of bounds to try and explore what other cities or states exist within Rockstar’s universe. Although San Andreas represents California, geographically it’s just a giant island. It’s unclear if that’s accurately reflected on the map as it’s unclear where its exact position would be. Rockstar has already confirmed it’s working on the next Grand Theft Auto, but details on the title are scarce. Many are hoping to see the game revealed by the end of 2022, but the developer hasn’t put a firm date on anything at this time.

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