How to Help Ukrainian Civilians?

Here’s a list of humanitarian aid and relevant organizations currently accepting donations and support directed at supporting civilians impacted by the crisis in Ukraine.

Ukraine is currently in the midst of a humanitarian crisis triggered by a large-scale Russian invasion launched on February 24. According to the U.N.’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, there have been a total of 1,834 reported Ukrainian civilian casualties, but the number is expected to be higher due to delayed information and reports waiting to be verified. Some games studios like GSC Game World are struggling to aid employees and their families in the midst of the conflict.

Studios and publishers from across the games and entertainment industries have reacted with support for Ukraine, calling for support and donations while in some cases halting sales in Russia and Belarus. In addition to the many games and movies that have already been pulled from those regions, other big companies in the tech sphere like Apple have also participated in limiting sales in accordance with sanctions.

Where to Donate

A number of humanitarian aid organizations are currently accepting donations and support for their efforts to help Ukrainians impacted by the war. Depending on your values and ability to donate, we encourage you to consider the resources we’ve researched below for ways you can help support the people of Ukraine.

Save the Children

The organization is on the ground right now providing humanitarian aid to children.


Provides emergency supplies and safe water to communities, as well as care for children on the ground and who have been separated from families.

Project HOPE

Sending medical supplies and providing health care for refugees.

Global Giving: Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Provides shelter, medical aid, and essential supplies to communities in Ukraine and to refugees in surrounding regions.

International Medical Corps

Focuses on providing medical aid and mental health support to refugees and displaced people in surrounding regions, as well as offering protection to women and children for violence prevention.


Provides airlift and other logistics, connecting aid directly to those in need.

Direct Relief

Provides emergency medical care to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

World Central Kitchen

Serving up freshly made meals to families fleeing the country, as well as those who remain on the ground in Ukraine.

International Rescue Committee

Providing displaced families with essentials, such as food and clothing, as well as psychological care. Assisting with evacuation efforts and translation services, and providing medical equipment at border crossings.

Razom for Ukraine

Providing medical supplies and assisting in the evacuation of children with disabilities on the ground in Ukraine.

Note that it’s helpful to specify that you want to direct support to Ukraine when you donate to any of these orgs.

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