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New The Batman Trailer Shows Another Deadly Riddler Trap

A new TV spot for WB’s The Batman has swooped online today and it’s got a healthy amount of fresh footage in it.

The Batman TV spot teases one of The Riddler’s deadly traps. Paul Dano plays the famed riddling Batman villain opposite Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader in the upcoming dark and gritty superhero movie.

Continuing to play up the detective elements of the reboot while still teasing what looks to be a very dark adventure, it’s a tantalizing peek at what’s one of 2022’s most anticipated movies. And right now, all signs point to this being a wildly impressive outing for the iconic hero.

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Previous Batman movies have of course focused on the idea of Bruce Wayne living a double life as a suave playboy and an urban vigilante protecting the mean streets of Gotham City from criminals. But in actuality, there was traditionally a big detective story element to classic Batman stories, giving them more of a cerebral edge than has been depicted in a lot of the films. Matt Reeves now means to bring back the idea of Batman as a detective with his standalone film The Batman, an angle that has been emphasized in the movie’s marketing by teasing the cat-and-mouse nature of Batman’s battle with the movie’s main villain The Riddler.

The newest The Batman TV spot indeed picks up the thread of Batman the ace detective while teasing another one of The Riddler’s deadly traps. See the clip in the space below (via Binge Watch This)

Audiences previously got a decent glance at one of The Riddler’s games when Reeves himself as of late shared a whole scene showing the miscreant plainly crashing a burial service, obviously in a desperate bid to acquire Batman’s consideration. The new clasp adds to the interest around The Riddler with a short early shot showing police detectives dusting for fingerprints in what is obviously the reprobate’s room, surrendered the taped torso with a bomb locked to its neck. Of course it’s now been uncovered that this version of The Riddler was inspired by the Zodiac Killer, so it should be no surprise to see him residing in a spot jumbled with dismantled electronic devices, explosive and different indicators that he is plainly planning something sinister (alongside other arbitrary mess like what appears to be an old upward projector and behind the scenes a pack of onions).

To be sure the DIY nature of The Riddler’s traps is with regards to the whole film’s esthetic. The Riddler loves his pipe tape, while Batman appears to have stitched together his suit at home using some scraps and a sewing machine. Movies like The Dark Knight of course presented a sleeker and more educated version of Batman, while villains like The Joker presented as the turbulently put together ones. In any case, in The Batman obviously Bruce Wayne, for all his riches, is erring fair and square of the story’s villains in terms of how he goes about his superhero business. It will be interesting to see how this jerry-constructed esthetic works for The Batman as Reeves leads the superhero series into a new and extremely dark future.

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