Pokémon GO Battle Day Beginner’s Paradise: All Rewards & Bonuses

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Pokemon GO Battle Day Beginner’s Paradise, from top tips to bonuses!

Seasoned players of Pokémon GO may be familiar with the semi-regular GO Battle Days. These are day-long events dedicated to battling in the GO Battle League.

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This month features a GO Battle Day entitled Beginner’s Paradise. This event is suitable for first-time battlers, so whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, this event is for you!

The event runs all day on April 17, for 24 hours.

We’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about the event, from what Pokemon to use to what bonuses are available. Let’s GO!

What is Pokémon GO Battle Day Beginner’s Paradise?

When trainers take part in the GO Battle League, they use teams of three Pokemon each. The goal is to defeat your opponent’s Pokemon.

Pokémon GO
Image Credit: Niantic

Matches take part in sets of 5, with rewards granted at the end of each set. Normally, players can take part in 5 of these sets per day, allowing for a total of 25 battles.

However, on GO Battle Days like this one, players can take part in 20 battle sets per day, leading to a maximum of 100 battles! This is a great way to earn stardust, or even earn some buddy hearts fast!

The following bonuses are available on April 17 as part of GO Battle Day Beginner’s Paradise:

  • 20 battle sets available, allowing for 100 battles
  • Timed research is available that awards a large amount of XP
  • Trainers who complete a set will receive the Gladion’s Hoodie avatar item!

Note that battlers who have already reached Rank 20 in the GO Battle League will have already received Gladion’s Hoodie, and will not receive a duplicate item.

What Pokémon can I use?

Pokémon GO
Image Credit: Niantic

The Pokemon you can bring into battle depends on the league that you enter. Some leagues restrict your Pokemon choice based on their CP, and others only allow certain types of Pokemon.

The leagues which are available on this GO Battle Day are:

  • Great League
    • Pokemon must be at or below 1500 CP to enter the Great League.
  • Little Cup
    • Pokémon must be at or below 500 CP to enter the Little Cup. Only Pokémon that are able to evolve and have not evolved even once are eligible.

While the Great League is a common sight in the GO Battle League, the Little Cup is a rarer sight.

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