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Robert Pattinson’s Batman Punches Jim Gordon In A New Movie Clip

The Batman Punches Jim Gordon in Intense New Movie Clip

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  • The Batman premieres in theaters on March 4.

A new clip from Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC project, The Batman, was revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The leading man, Robert Pattinson, was also a part of the recent episode of Kimmel’s talk show. Here’s what happened in that intense scene.

The scene commences with Batman (Pattinson) having a serious conversation with James Gordon (Jeffery Wright). The Caped Crusader utilises his expert detective skills to unearth that one of Gordon’s men is working for the Gentleman of Crime, Penguin. Out of nowhere, Batsy punches Gordon in the face and forces the entire GCPD to go after him. He does that to keep his friendship with Gordon a secret. Within a matter of seconds, the cops start chasing The Dark Knight. And the latter uses his iconic Grapple Gun to escape.

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Reeves’ forthcoming Batman instalment heavily focuses on Bruce Wayne’s early days as the Defender of Gotham. He is unable to control his rage. And he is also learning the ways of the crime-ridden Gotham City. But things get out of hand when The Riddler arrives in this mess. Paul Dano is playing the master of riddles in this movie. However, we will see a different version of The Riddler this time. He’s more like a serial killing lunatic who has a personal vendetta against The Waynes.

The Batman stars Robert Pattison, Zoe Kravitz, Jeffery Wright, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, and many more.

The Batman will come out in theatres on March 4.

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