Samsung Galaxy S22 Release Date: Price & Availability Explained

The Galaxy S22 is the hottest thing in the Android smartphone world right now. But when is the phone actually releasing? Here's what we know.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is expected to be one of the biggest smartphones of the entire year, and thankfully, shoppers don’t have to wait too much longer for its release date. Second only to Apple, the release of a new Samsung device is one of the most exciting times in the tech space. Not only does Samsung churn out massive sales numbers, but the gadgets themselves are also usually quite good.

Such is the case with the Galaxy S22 series. Samsung’s using the S22 family to usher in three new handsets — the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra. In typical Samsung fashion, the phones look really fantastic. They’re touting the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, powerful AMOLED displays, new camera features, sleek designs, and more. If you’re in the market for a flagship Android phone this year, chances are one of the S22 models will be on your shortlist.

Samsung announced the Galaxy S22 series on Tuesday, February 9 during a virtual Unpacked event. Pre-orders for the phones opened that same day. However, the actual release date is still a little ways off. While pre-orders for the Galaxy S22 are currently live, the phones don’t officially release until Friday, February 25. This is when pre-ordered phones will likely be delivered, and when shoppers can walk into a retailer/carrier and buy the Galaxy S22 immediately. Why the huge delay between pre-orders and the release date? While Samsung isn’t saying anything officially, it’s more than likely a result of the ongoing chip shortage — something that’s affected Apple, Nvidia, and virtually every other tech company on the planet.

Galaxy S22 Pricing Information

Image Credit: Samsung

If you’re interested in buying the Galaxy S22 during the pre-order stage or after the proper release date, expect to pay a pretty penny. The ‘normal’ Galaxy S22 starts at $799 for the 128GB storage configuration. A 256GB model is also available, though it’s slightly more expensive at $849.

Interested in the Galaxy S22+? It’s a pretty similar story. The baseline 128GB version is available for $999 and the 256GB one costs $1049. Where things get really expensive is with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The cheapest version available costs $1199 for the same 128GB of storage. Stepping up to 256GB increases the price to $1299, the 512GB model costs $1399, and there’s a 1TB storage option for $1599.

Those prices are identical whether you’re pre-ordering or buying the S22 after it releases. Thankfully, there are plenty of pre-order deals to help keep costs down. Most carriers have trade-in and BOGO promotions to make the phones dramatically more affordable. Most retailers and carriers also have a free storage upgrade available, allowing you to get the 256GB version of the S22, S22+, or S22 Ultra for the same price as the 128GB one. There are also bound to be plenty of release date deals available when the time comes, so whether you buy the S22 now or later, you most likely won’t have to pay those full retail prices.

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