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The Adam Project Video Breaks Down Fight Scene With Director & Cast

Shawn Levy, Walker Scobell, and Zoe Saldaña share some behind the scenes tidbits about The Adam Project's big backyard fight scene in a new video.

The Adam Project director Shawn Levy and stars Walker Scobell and Zoe Saldaña break down the movie’s first major fight scene.

Released on Netflix last weekend, The Adam Project is the streamer’s newest original hit. It scored the third-biggest opening for Netflix and remains a fixture on its daily top 10 list a week later. 

The Adam Project stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular Adam, a time traveler from 2050 who accidentally crash lands into 2022 while trying to fix his future. In doing so, he runs into his 12-year-old self (Scobell) and recruits him to help save the day. Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner also star.

The Adam Project combines sci-fi spectacle with emotional family drama. Though the latter element seems like it might not lend itself to epic action, the movie has the former part in spades. For example, a key scene relatively early on in The Adam Project finds the older Adam pulling out his futuristic weapons to fight off the henchmen of villain Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener). It’s a fast-paced scene that finds time for quick character beats and the epic arrival of Saldaña’s Laura.

In a new video from Netflix Film ClubThe Adam Project‘s backyard fight scene gets a shot-by-shot breakdown from Levy, Scobell, and Saldaña. Levy explains his desire to have the fight scene be rooted in character, while Saldaña shares what it was like to film the scene without any of the special effects in place. Plus, Levy emphasizes the wish fulfillment that is present in the fight, which involves getting to watch your older self be a total badass. Check out the video below:

Perhaps one of the most amusing tidbits from the Adam Project video is Levy’s story about the lightsaber joke. Older Adam has a weapon that younger Adam frequently calls out for being like a lightsaber. Despite the older Adam’s insistence that it isn’t the famed Star Wars weapon, his younger self can only see it as such during the fight.

As Levy says in the video, he spent a significant time behind the scenes trying to design the weapon for The Adam Project and ensuring it wouldn’t be a replica of a lightsaber. And yet, he couldn’t resist poking fun at that concept.

The Adam Project is full of fun and emotional moments that audiences can pore over, and it’s cool hearing about one such scene from the creatives themselves. This movie was also filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, so extra work had to go into keeping the cast and crew safe.

The end result is something that seems to be really resonating with Netflix subscribers, so it’s safe to say all that hard work really paid off. Now fans can rewatch The Adam Project armed with some extra behind the scenes knowledge.

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