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Two Major DC Heroes Were Cut from the Finale Peacemaker Actor Reveals

Actor Matt Turner offers an explanation for why Batman and Cyborg weren't in Peacemaker's season finale: Their cameos were filmed, but ultimately cut.

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  • Peacemaker cut both Batman and Cyborg from its Season 1 finale.

Actor Matt Turner claims that Batman and Cyborg cameos were filmed for the Peacemaker season 1 finale, but were ultimately cut for unknown reasons. James Gunn’s HBO Max show Peacemaker has become a bona fide success over the course of its first season, winning over both fans and skeptics alike. The series picks up with John Cena’s Suicide Squad character Peacemaker and plunks him in the middle of another world-saving mission with a brand new team. Peacemaker has become such a success, HBO Max just greenlit it for a second season.

The finale of Peacemaker saw four members of the Justice League appearing after the final battle against the Butterflies, with Aquaman and The Flash being played by their respective actors Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller, while Superman and Wonder Woman were kept in shadows and played by stunt doubles. However, it was quickly pointed out that Ben Affleck’s Batman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg were both missing from the Justice League lineup as seen in both the 2017 version of the movie and Zack Snyder’s cut. While James Gunn hinted that there was a reason for the pair being omitted from the scene, which he said was for reasons he couldn’t talk about, it seems that scenes with Batman and Cyborg included were filmed, but later cut from the final version of the episode.

Actor Matt Turner posted an image of himself on his Instagram account along with a comment that makes it clear that footage of at least Batman was shot and not used in the finale. He wrote, “After that epic #peacemaker finale I can finally post this. Sadly I(& Cyborg) were cut from the final edit. Why? Only @jamesgunn & @warnerbrosentertainment know that. While it’s disappointing to be scrubbed out, this was still a blast, and a dream come true to wear the suit!!! Big thanks to everyone involved!!”

Image Credit: Matt Turner | Instagram
Image Credit: Matt Turner | Instagram

There Is Clearly A Reason Behind Batman and Cyborg Being Removed From Peacemaker, But No One Currently Knows What That Is

In addition to Turner’s post, actress Kimberley von Ilberg, who stood in for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the scene, also shared an image of herself in costume in what appeared to be a very similar trailer. She commented, “Ive been wanting to post this photo since last May!! @hbomaxpeacemaker episode 8 is FINALLY OUT! COME ON WONDER WOMAN haha. Coolest gig by far!! Cant believe I was blessed to wear @gal_gadot real wardrobe and hair. What is my life.”

Image Credit: Kimberley von Ilberg | Instagram
Image Credit: Kimberley von Ilberg | Instagram

While James Gunn already went on record to say that there is a reason why Batman and Cyborg were not in the finale, it was not revealed at the time that the additional Justice League cameos had been shot and later removed, although it would potentially fit with Gunn’s comments that Warner Bros. didn’t really know that he was going to actually have the Justice League there on screen until he had done it. So perhaps it was word from above that requested the change. It is likely we will find out, all in good time.

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